A band called Switchfoot just released their newest album, Native Tongue! And to no disappointment do they still deliver: Their songs still feels like home. Switchfoot was that band that I couldn’t understand. I started to check them out years way back when I met this cute girl who was so into the band’s lead […]

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Love Tried To Kill Me

Love Tried To Kill Me My girl was acting really strange towards me. I was clueless to what was happening so I tried to fix what I felt was a problem. To my dismay, feminine emotions are a bit harder to solve than the usual math problems. I tried my 101% best to investigate and […]

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Logic V Faith

I have my fair share of unlikely struggles. Having lived through 20+ life years, I have experienced some of the weird battles that my fellow INTJ brethren are apparently destined to experience: The thirst for improvement… The quest for perfection… The rules of sociality… But one of the long battles that has also been stirring inside my brain is religious faith. Together with my INTP cousins, we, […]

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