My Work

I am a full-stack software developer, project manager, team leader, IT consultant, and an entrepreneur.

I have a well-rounded portfolio, which includes projects for international clients from various industries. The work ranges from websites and mobile apps, to private transportation systems. (Scroll down to see a full list of our projects.)

Jetstar Holidays (Travel Commerce)

  • Jetstar Holidays is a booking system that uses Travel Commerce technology, a full-stack ancillary revenue system.
  • I was a full-stack developer of Travel Commerce. I was involved in developing APIs, the Angular storefront, scripting automated tests, and was the dedicated database-person in my team.
  • Employer/Client: Navitaire, LLC
  • Link:

Testimonial Tree

  • Testimonial Tree automates your customer satisfaction surveys, testimonial marketing and 3rd-party reviews. The system delivers the customer related insights to grow your business.
  • I am the developer lead for my team for this client. We handle tickets, from bug-fixing, troubleshooting, to whole new feature and project requests.
  • Client: Testimonial Tree
  • Link:

My Heritage Ride

  • My Heritage Ride is a Progressive-Web-Application that provides a real-time vehicle tracking location for Heritage Community Initiative vehicles in Allegheny County. Vehicle location mapping allows a customer to see where each van is along his route while planning for his next trip.
  • I worked on this project using new technology and modern design that I proposed. This was done using Angular and is designed to be a progressive-web-application to simulate native mobile behavior.
  • Client: Computer Troubleshooters in Pittsburgh
  • Link:

A-to-B Transportation Planner

  • A-to-B Transportation Planner was designed to help residents of Allegheny County find transportation options that meet their needs, preferences, and abilities.
  • I started this project as the only developer building it from ground up. Eventually I was able to delegate this to my team, providing guidance and leadership as new requirements from a growing number of users came.
  • Client: Computer Troubleshooters in Pittsburgh
  • Link:

My Access Ride

  • ACCESS is a coordinated, shared-ride paratransit service, which has been providing door-to-door, advanced reservation transportation in Allegheny County since 1979.
  • I was the team leader for this project. I handled the communication with the client, provided quotations on the general feature requests and transformed them to technical requirements, and eventually implemented them through my team of developers.
  • Client: Computer Troubleshooters in Pittsburgh
  • Link:

Institutional School Management System

  • This management system allows universities to manage their day-to-day transactions, including grading systems, enrollment system with automated accounting system, institution and school maintenance, clinic module, and reports generation.
  • I was the project manager, system architect, and developer lead for this project. The design was modeled from Onion Architecture with some Domain-Drive-Design principles to minimize dependency-hell and simulate OOP concepts.
  • Link: App availability restricted

Peery Academy

  • Peery Academy is a customized musical school management system for Christie Peery Skousen. The site covers student enrollment, class scheduling, and lesson management.
  • This project was entrusted to me by an ex-colleague. I am working on this project for support and system maintenance, and quoting for any new feature requests my client will have.
  • Client: Peery Academy
  • Link:

Items For Health

  • ITEMS System is a learning management system that gives a holistic view of the strength and weaknesses of staff.
  • This is one of my projects that I support and maintain. I handle any urgent or important requests from my client, whether them be troubleshooting issues, bug-fixing, or quoting new feature requests.
  • Client: Items
  • Link: