I Was Given A Weird Name By My Father

I have a really weird name. My name is something that makes people scratch their head. It stumbled my teachers, blundered cashiers, confused my then-be-managers, and baffled my business partners. Other than being a one-of-a-kind name, it purely consist of consonants, making people unsure how to pronounce it. It is weird to pronounce and equally weird to […]

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On Fear

I think I am well acquainted with fear. I have heard friends say that I am too courageous, probably nearing to the degree of recklessness. I make decisions involving obvious risks with personal consequences. I make decisions that would make my knees and jaw tremble. I desperately move forward, making decisions that will push my […]

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On Self-Discipline

I think that I had been putting the blame of my recent lack of self-discipline on to Someone. My new knowledge of God’s sovereignty was music to my ears. Even though the knowledge of it is beyond comforting to my soul, but it also became a reason for me not to take any responsibility over […]

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