I was loved before I was born!

I was loved before I was born! I was planned, pushed through against odds, willed! I was the reason why someone willingly risked having five children to support, just to have the chance to have me! I was the reason why someone who’s gravely addicted to smoking quit his years-long vice, cold-turkey, to prepare for […]

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A Glimpse Of Mortality

25 whole years in. And I’m still alive. Surprise. I remember the first time I cursed my existence. I was a wee kindergarten, I think. I remember the time where I attempted suicide, rushing myself to a busy road hoping to get crushed by a rushing car. I remember the times where I questioned the […]

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Being An INTJ Christian

1. A Mastermind We are the masterminds. I have been consistently typed as an INTJ in the Myers-Briggs-Type-Indicator (MBTI). Being an INTJ, there are not so many of us here in this world. We are a rather very rare breed, and a rather proud, gifted, and special one on top of that. We are smart […]

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How I’ve Founded Two Start-ups

Recently I’ve founded two start-ups. But to put honesty in its place, I really couldn’t label us as a “startup” yet. We’re still at the infancy stage: A fetus waiting to be born. We have no investors, no capital, etc. We just have us, a company of hackers, businessmen, and entrepreneur-wannabes, working for free towards […]

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An INTJ’s weekly strategy

I am sharing my INTJ-ness to the world by sharing one of my weekly evaluation template that I have developed and have been using. I am fond of evaluating my life, strategizing around it, setting systematic weekly and daily goals, rinse and repeat. Of the 7-day week, I take a day off to contemplate, journal, plan, and strategize. […]

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