Analyzing Weakness

“I will rather glory in my weaknesses..” Those words baffled me. How could someone seriously boast in his weakness? Aren’t weaknesses detestable, even shameful? Doesn’t it devalue us as honorable respect-worthy humans? Shouldn’t we hate it, eliminate it, kill it, so that we may grow into maturity? Aren’t the purpose of all those leadership programs, […]

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I was loved before I was born!

I was loved before I was born! I was planned, pushed through against odds, willed! I was the reason why someone willingly risked having five children to support, just to have the chance to have me! I was the reason why someone who’s gravely addicted to smoking quit his years-long vice, cold-turkey, to prepare for […]

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A Glimpse Of Mortality

25 whole years in. And I’m still alive. Surprise. I remember the first time I cursed my existence. I was a wee kindergarten, I think. I remember the time where I attempted suicide, rushing myself to a busy road hoping to get crushed by a rushing car. I remember the times where I questioned the […]

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Being An INTJ Christian

1. A Mastermind We are the masterminds. I have been consistently typed as an INTJ in the Myers-Briggs-Type-Indicator (MBTI). Being an INTJ, there are not so many of us here in this world. We are a rather very rare breed, and a rather proud, gifted, and special one on top of that. We are smart […]

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How I’ve Founded Two Start-ups

Recently I’ve founded two start-ups. But to put honesty in its place, I really couldn’t label us as a “startup” yet. We’re still at the infancy stage: A fetus waiting to be born. We have no investors, no capital, etc. We just have us, a company of hackers, businessmen, and entrepreneur-wannabes, working for free towards […]

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A Switchfoot Concert

As my sister and I was standing on the grounds waiting for the concert to start, we began to feel the ache in our knees and our soles. We’ve been standing for 1 hour, waiting in line, and finally here we are, willing to stand for another 4 hours for the duration of the Switchfoot […]

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Your Best Life Later

Let Me Paint You A Story A little girl was asked to wait inside a room with nothing but a chair and a big white marshmallow on a table. The teacher told her that she can either eat the marshmallow right away or wait until the teacher gets back so she can have another marshmallow. […]

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My 2016 Reading Review

2016 is a year of new things to me:┬áNew places. New people. New feelings. New ideas. And new books. It was in this year that I set out to challenge myself to explore different genres of books. And to my surprise, that I did achieve. From leadership books, to fantasy novels, to psychology books, to […]

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