The Greatest Compliment

“I see Jesus in you.” Imagine longing for something. Multiply that feeling by thirty. And then fast forward the time to twenty years from now while you’re still holding on to that ever-growing longing feeling. Then, suddenly one day, someone mentioned to you that that something you’ve been longing, which feels really out of reach, […]

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Learning How To Love

What would it look like if I would love like crazy? What would it look like if I would give my all and just give all of the love I can give expecting absolutely nothing in return, and persist in it? As I sit in my chair trying to wrestle a hyperactive nocturnal brain, I […]

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Gaining Weight

“Pyl, nibus-ok ka” Those three words are music to my ears. Especially these two months where I travelled back to my hometown to meet with family and old friends. It has been my lifelong desire to gain weight, but the years proved to me its almost an impossible task. It seemed like I did what I could — I worked […]

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It’s crazy how insane my schedule is. It’s crazy how many things are going on simultaneously. It’s crazy how many things I need to keep my mind on. It’s crazy how I am not stepping up to the responsibilities given to me. I am writing this for the only fact that I am breathing. That […]

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On Fear

I think I am well acquainted with fear. I have heard friends say that I am too courageous, probably nearing to the degree of recklessness. I make decisions involving obvious risks with personal consequences. I make decisions that would make my knees and jaw tremble. I desperately move forward, making decisions that will push my […]

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An Open Letter To Wisdom

Dear Wisdom, Would you give me love for you? There aren’t very many I consider special, but you are one of them. There aren’t very many that I willingly let inside my concrete walls, but you are someone that I would. Everyone seems to want my attention, but you definitely shine brighter than all of […]

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I Dare You To Dream

Dear Dreamer, I dare you to dream. That sounds quite weird since you’re already a dreamer. But I stand by my point: I dare you to dream. To dream bigger. Dream higher. Dream stronger. We live in a country where dreams naturally die. Where idealistic pursuits are deemed as unreachable childish fantasies. Where lofty goals […]

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I’m Turning Twenty Three

I’m turning twenty three years old in a matter of hours from now. I guess I can say that I’m going to be a year older. A year more mature. A year wiser. A year stronger. A year closer to the future. I never really believed that I could experience the life the way I […]

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