An INTJ’s weekly strategy

I am sharing my INTJ-ness to the world by sharing one of my weekly evaluation template that I have developed and have been using. I am fond of evaluating my life, strategizing around it, setting systematic weekly and daily goals, rinse and repeat. Of the 7-day week, I take a day off to contemplate, journal, plan, and strategize. […]

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Logic V Faith

I have my fair share of unlikely struggles. Having lived through 20+ life years, I have experienced some of the weird battles that my fellow INTJ brethren are apparently destined to experience: The thirst for improvement… The quest for perfection… The rules of sociality… But one of the long battles that has also been stirring inside my brain is religious faith. Together with my INTP cousins, we, […]

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WEEK #8: The Art of War

A Classical Guide The Art of War by Sun Tzu is a classic material, and one that is very easy to read. It teaches of classic, but still applicable, principles of military war and strategy attributed to Sun Tzu, an ancient Chinese military general, strategist, and philosopher. Even though this material goes back to 1772, the […]

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WEEK #7: A Prelude to Strategy

Strategy. What is strategy? There exists alot of saying about it, how people glorify it, how some people ignore it, and even how some people blindly follow it. But what is strategy really? INTJ – The Master Strategist I belong to the race of one of the most rare, if not the rarest, personality type […]

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