Daily UI :: 006 – User Profile

This is part of my Daily UI challenge, as introduced in this post.

The theme

The theme for today is a User Profile.

My approach

First thing that came to my mind is a user profile page for some social platform. And a mobile-first approach. Alas! This is the perfect opportunity to mock-up one idea that I’ve been working on for months now, but has been on the backburner for ages — A Memory Buddy app.

With that said, let’s move from the conceptual side to the technical side. This time I got to have an opportunity to explore TailwindCSS’ additional build steps, and also got to play around with its background utility classes

My result

A mock-up profile page for the Memory Buddy app — an app that encourages friends to memorize the Bible and be accountable to each other — and to make memorizing more fun and engaging!

Hopefully this app idea won’t just stop at this stage. Hopefully I’ll get the needed resources to continue developing this app to production.

Do you think you want this app to be developed? Let me know by messaging me or by commenting below! I certainly need your validation!


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