Plan A, Plan B, to Plan Z

Exactly just last month I did something crazy. I quit my dayjob in the middle of a global pandemic.

“I could easily land another lucrative dayjob. I could go back to being a senior software developer. If I want to, I could switch careers and qualify as a project manager. Heh, I could even apply as a CTO for someone else’s startup.” This is my hyperactive mind in action when thinking about preparing for worst case scenarios — This is me trying to answer the question, “What will I do if all my pockets eventually empties itself out?”

Now that my startup has become my only source of income, it led to some very interesting results. One of the many results is this: It led me to a more intimate relationship with Anxiety, and with it to a deeper understanding with Faith.

Yet despite of this, right now, all I know is, God is giving me more of His gifts. More stewardship, more responsibilities, more people to lead — RightValley is growing — All of which are things that I only envisioned from last year, all of which are fruits of prayer, and of His leadership on me.

Right now Plan A is looking bright, but still, I don’t know if Plan B will takeover. I don’t know if it’ll go down to Plan Z. I don’t know if my Plan A is perfect — the only basket where I’m focusing all my eggs in. All I know, right now, is that God is reminding me that tomorrow will worry for itself, that I should do my best to take care of today. And that my treasure is something else — somewhere else.

And I will fight to believe that.

Matthew 6:19-34

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