The Identity of RightValley

Disclaimer Alert: Please take in mind that what you will be reading below is written from a perspective of a person who is pitching RightValley.

RightValley is a company I started to found last year. Below you will take a glimpse of the heart of a company whose foundations started way before it was even founded.

Establishing the identity of RightValley

What RightValley Is Not

  1. RightValley is not an opportunity to get rich. If you want to earn “quick-cash”, or you want to get rich and see this as an opportunity to achieve that, RightValley will waste your precious time and will disappoint you. RightValley does not exist for the sole purpose of generating financial wealth to its stakeholders. Amassing financial wealth is not our mission.
  2. RightValley is not an opportunity to make a name for yourself. 99% of the entrepreneurs and aspiring ones that I conversed with almost have these aspirations as to why they do what they do – “I want to make a legacy, I want to change the world, I want to make a name for myself, I want to be successful.” If this is your aspiration in life, RightValley will disappoint you. We operate by leaving our egos behind for the purpose of pursuing a greater mission, bigger than us, even if that means having to make our name nothing to the world, or maybe even hated by the world.
  3. RightValley is not a “Christian business” nor a “church ministry”. As much as I started RightValley because of my growing faith in Jesus Christ, RightValley is not and will never be a “Christian business”, nor is it an offshoot of a local church or local ministry. RightValley will never be labeled nor marketed as a “Christian business” or “church ministry”.

What RightValley Is:

  1. RightValley is a business. RightValley exists to create value to the world, to serve people and communities, and to work to cultivate the world and help communities flourish. Hard work, creativity, commitment to excellence, responsibility and stewardship, all contribute to generate value, value which people will be willing to spend their resources on. Generating money is not the mission of business — Instead, money is necessary for a business to operate in the same way that as human beings our mission is not to wake up in the morning for us to breathe, but breathing is necessary for our bodies to operate. Money is just a representation of how much value a business/product/service is creating.
  2. RightValley is a social entity that exists to redeem work. Thousands of narratives nowadays tell of a story that work is a necessary evil, or that we just have to work to gain money and feed ourselves, or that we must aim to work hard so we can retire as early as possible and then enjoy life only then. I believe that this narrative is twisted. RightValley exists to redeem the definition of work — that work is good, that there is inherent value in work, and that work is a timeless gift and a human responsibility.
  3. RightValley is a field to do God’s mission. RightValley is an attempt at creating a Business-As-Missions business. RightValley exists to support missions, to provide opportunities for missions, and to do God’s mission, inwardly to the partners and employees and outwardly towards clients and communities.

RightValley’s Mission

We provide IT solutions that help people cultivate the potential of the world to do good.

RightValley’s Vision

To be a world-leading IT solutions provider that creates opportunities to do good, honest work that impacts the world.

Our Business Model

RightValley exists to serve. Our primary focus is service to people, businesses, organizations, and communities. This does not mean we will not create products. Products are good and when ideas and validations come we should build our own products. But products are not the focus — people are our focus.

The RightValley Way – RightValley’s DNA that should be cultivated in everyone in the company

  1. We value people. People are inherently valuable. We invest in cultivating good relationships with our team, our community, and our clientele.
  2. We partner with customers. We aim to cultivate good, long-term relationships with our customers. We commit to serve and we’re in it for the long run.
  3. We believe that work is good. We work hard with all our hearts, body, and nerdy minds. We believe that we are stewards of good work.
  4. We believe in rest. Just as we work hard to deliver IT solutions to our customers, we also work to give rest to our people.

RightValley Services

RightValley’s primary service is providing IT solutions to business which includes but may not be limited to the following:

  1. Website Development
  2. Mobile App Development
  3. Custom Software Development
  4. Software Maintenance
  5. IT Consulting


  1. RightValley Company Website –
  2. Business As Mission –
  3. Denver Institute for Faith and Work –

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