Gaining Weight

“Pyl, nibus-ok ka”

Those three words are music to my ears. Especially these two months where I travelled back to my hometown to meet with family and old friends.

It has been my lifelong desire to gain weight, but the years proved to me its almost an impossible task. It seemed like I did what I could — I worked my body out, I recorded my daily calorie intake, I calculated calorie goals, and I had multiple lunches a day. It worked, but everything was a chore. I’m making progress, though only a little with much needed sustained effort.

Recently, one thing is making it work for me.

Last Christmas, we were asked to write what things we want to receive for Christmas. I wrote specific cooking equipments, and I got more than what I asked. These new cooking equipments allowed me to expand my cooking skills from the usual pasta and steamed vegetables to meatier stuff.

Ever since I’m enjoying making my own meals. And without my intention, I gained weight, which I only discovered because of the affirmation I got (i.e. chubbier face, massier arms) from old friends.

Cooking, I find, gave me three benefits:

  1. It allowed me to have a greater enjoyment of food — Eating self-prepared food is highly satisfying.
  2. It allowed me to eat the right food that my body needs, as compared to pre-processed or highly commercialized food.
  3. It allowed me to explore different food and gave me the ability to prepare and eat what I want.

I never thought cooking would give me these benefits. And that I would unintentionally gain weight because of it. I am amused. Praise be to God.

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