Mission #001 Notes

Recently, Taal happened in the Philippines.

If you want to know more details than what I just gave you, you would have to ask it from a much better person than me.

Yet, Taal happened.

Knowing I had ideas for probable solutions, knowing that my neighbors are in distress while I’m in comfort, knowing that Jesus challenges His followers to give up their life to follow Him and to share Him to this broken, and ever-breaking, world, is disturbing. It disturbed me that it compelled me to action. So I cancelled a meeting just a day before its schedule (thank God for very patient and supportive friends), and I volunteered for a relief operation. I wanted to go out, to see what really is happening, to see where the victims are at, to experience more of Jesus.

I’m writing this post with the goal of looking back at my experience with a more focused intention, to cement it with words, and probably just to memorialize my first mission trip and hopefully learn more from it.

Though as I’m writing now, I found that I’m quite short of words. Maybe I haven’t finished processing it yet. So instead here are some photos for you to look at:

The first evacuation center we visited, a city hall in Batangas, where we distributed goods, and then conversed and prayed for individuals.
The nth evacuation center we visited, a public school field, where we distributed free food, only to discover families swarm us to the point of utter chaos.
Yet another nth evacuation center. Here I took a shot of a different group distributing goods with excellent coordination.
Took a photo of the Philippine flag, which as a professional I now rarely see. It reminded me of my love for this country.

And it was all in the middle of this that I realized this is a mission trip — one of my 2020 goals.

And that is how I unknowingly achieved one of my goals for this year, of which I don’t know how to feel.

That’s maybe why I look forward for more.

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