My 2020 Goals

It has been my yearly personal tradition to write a year’s worth of goals before a new year begins. Last year I wrote only two. This year I have written quite many.

Here are my 2020 goals:

  • Release 3 Python apps
  • Workout (intensely) atleast once every two weeks
  • Go on a mission trip
  • Reform social media usage
  • Live radically
  • Die everyday

Release 3 Python Apps

I have been studying the Python language hoping to add it to my technical toolkit. The technology is promising, the syntax is beautiful, and the all-around utility will come in handy. This coming year I’ll move my study up a notch: I’ll aim to release 3 python projects to the public. By release I mean this: I can release these apps via deploying them for public-access or by releasing the source code.

Workout atleast once every two weeks

I would love to do this once a week if my schedule permits it, but to give myself leeway for error, I’ll make this atleast once every two weeks. To compensate for this less than ideal frequency, this workout should be intense.

Go on a mission trip

For the past year I’ve been pursuing studying missions in my personal time–practical stories and theological resources. My business, RightValley, is a young Business-As-Mission company. Though I have to admit, I’ve never been to a mission trip, yet. This year, I plan to break that and get my feet wet.

Reform social media usage

I probably would have deactivated my Facebook long ago if only my entrepreneurial ventures does not require it. Despite this, I think I can still reform my social media usage so I can treat my time with more care. Instead of treating it as a social platform, I want to treat it as a tool. Instead of a social platform where shallow face-value vanity is the norm, I want to treat it as a tool for marketing, sharing valuable news, and an outlet for my random poetic frustrations.

I want to reform and minimize my usage of social media so I can focus outwards, on real, riskier, deeper connections. I want to build strong human connections without the shallowness. And this point connects to my next goal, namely…

Live radically

I want to live radically. To take more risks. To love people more. To learn how to love like how love was originally designed, and to be willing and eager to do it. To live this life like I’m not going to lose any thing. To love God with all I have. To serve others with all I can. To give up my life on a daily basis. To live radically. And, connecting to my next and last goal…

To die everyday

I want to die. Every single day. I want to take up my cross, and follow Jesus, wherever He leads me. I want to pursue all these things with this in mind. To love God with all I have. To love others with all I can. And these demand me that I need to die. Every single day.

Easier said than done.

All of these are impossible with me alone.

So I bring all of these to the Almighty, and commit to Him my desires and plans which are too many to count. May my Father grant me every minimum thing needed to work on the things He entrusted and commanded me, having joyful focus, following Jesus alone, and the willingness to obey whenever He redirects me to something entirely, radically different.

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