I Was Given A Weird Name By My Father

I have a really weird name.

My name is something that makes people scratch their head. It stumbled my teachers, blundered cashiers, confused my then-be-managers, and baffled my business partners. Other than being a one-of-a-kind name, it purely consist of consonants, making people unsure how to pronounce it. It is weird to pronounce and equally weird to spell and write. To make things worse, people would think that it’s not my real name but an acronym for something.

But my father named me Pyl (pronounced as “pill“) for a reason.

Even though the explanation doesn’t make total sense to me, but I am told I was given such name because my father wanted a “unique”, “special”, and “futuristic” name for me. Even before I was born, I am special to him.

I was named with a purpose.

He wanted uniqueness; He wanted me to be special; He named me after the future. Maybe that explains why I’m kind of aloof, a bit prideful, and hell-bent on working towards a better brighter future.

But more than that–more than what my earthly father did–is what my Father in Heaven does. He knows my name and calls me by it. He planned me and formed me with my name in mind.

And I’m sure He doesn’t stop for a second to scratch His head, if he has one, whenever he sees or hear my name.

How comforting could that be?



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