Nihongo 101: How to open the door?

Twelve months? Ten? Fourteen? I’ve lost honest count of how long it has been since I started to study Japanese.

One of my Yearly Goals (my yearly personal challenge) last year was for me to enroll in a Japanese language class. I really thought that I would make it through getting myself enrolled in a class, but it was then in the early half of last year that I realized that commitment to time would be a serious issue. So I decided to go gungho saying to myself, “Blah. I can learn this language all by myself just like old times. This’ll save me time, money, and it’ll be more fun!” Now it’s a year later (I think) and I can indeed say that I was correct: It saved me time, money, and it was uniquely fun! I learn at my own pace, I can decide how fast or how slow I want to learn, I get to decide what things I study and what I don’t (the best part), I save money for tuition fee and transportation fee, and I even gained new friends along the way: Japanese locals and businessmen, Filipino OFWs, students and professionals, and even met other self-studying language-learning-adventurers like me. I also met some very inspiring individuals along the way that makes me want to say “Ganbaru!” (I’ll do my best!)

Since I find solace in writing, I thought, “Why not write my Japanese adventures?” This will speed up the rate of my mastery of the language.

This is a way to teach myself; for me to pay more thought to my discoveries, to reinforce my understanding, and to share the love to the world.

Disclaimer Alert, I am no Nihongo professional nor am I a JLPT certificate holder YET. You have been warned. The following contents cannot be unseen.



As a start, I’ll be teaching you how to open the door, how to close it, and how to do the same to our windows.

Here are the basic vocabulary showing the English word with it’s Romaji counterpart as well as the Japanese counterpart (i.e. Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana, or the combination of them):


English word Romaji Japanese
Door Doa ドア
Open Akeru 開ける
Close Shimeru 閉める
Window Mado

Examples (How to use them in a sentence):

  1. Open the door = Doa wo akeru = ドアを開ける。
  2. Close the door = Doa wo shimeru = ドアを閉める。
  3. Open the window = Mado wo akeru = 窓を開ける。
  4. Close the window = Mado wo shimeru = 窓を閉める。

Advanced Examples (Me just playing around with grammar. In other words, I’m not sure of these so PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong.):

  1. May I open the door? = ドアを開けてもいいですか?
  2. Please don’t close the door. = ドアを閉めないでください。
  3. I closed the door and windows and went to bed. = ドアと窓を閉めて寝ました。
  4. Because I cannot sleep, I opened the windows. = 眠れませんから、窓を開けました。




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