Things I Gained One Month From Running A Startup While Having A Dayjob

It has been just one month since I had the guts to initiate a startup while still having my day job. One month isn’t much, but it has been a great and exciting ride, especially for a lone wolf who previously preferred to work by himself. With only a month, I already learned a lot of things that I didn’t gain before.

By writing this, it is not in my intention to brag, but rather to share — to blaze a trail of knowledge for those who intend to start theirs. And here are some of what I’ve gained:

A Realization That People Want To Work For Startups

I learned that more people actually want to work for startups, more than what I’ve initially thought.

At first I was hesitant to invite people to join me with my ideas given that I’m kind of a stranger here in Luzon; I’m from a distant unknown land with a formal education that isn’t up to par with theirs. But as I connected with more people, I realized that there is a plentiful of developers who actually want to work for a startup, even if the startup isn’t making any money yet.

I noticed that there’s a great pool of talent that’s just waiting for something to disturb them — probably a plan, an idea, a vision, or a leader.


Being an introvert, small talk is a thing that I’m not a natural at. But since the dawn of my startup, I became quite proactive in making more connections and in talking to new people. Though our startup is far from being public yet, but because of it, I have this sudden drive to make connections.

Since the startup’s inception, I have gained a lot more connections.

Books Pay Off

It has been said that readers are leaders. Though I can’t quite agree with that, but it is an understatement to say that books shaped me. Years ago, I read book after book, from leadership books, to psychology books, to entrepreneurial ones. I read them in preparation for what I saw to be my possible future. And guess what? I find that I’m reaping the fruits from the books that I’ve read years ago now.

A part of my confidence, leadership skills, foresight, wisdom (or rather an awareness of my great lack of them I would say) came from books.

Hyperactive Mind

It may be just me or I may just be overthinking, but since my startup team was formally formed, I discovered that my mind was more imaginative than it was before. My mind was actively thinking of scenarios, actively preempting future events, actively looking for opportunities, actively forming mental plans, actively imagining.

It may be because of the need of having to steer the wheel of the ship. Or because I now have the burden of trust from my more experienced partners. Or probably because I just want to make the dream live to see its daylight.

One Step Closer To The Future

Another thing that I gained was a step — A step closer to a future that I can see.

Given our human condition, it’s a very depressing activity for me to think of the world’s condition. But when I have a vision for the future, a vision where I can consistently work towards to, a vision where I’m slowly and concretely moving towards to, life becomes a lot less depressing.

The days become exciting.

A Need Of Wisdom

Another thing that I gained was an awareness of my great need of wisdom.

I surely cannot lead my team by my own self. There are too many factors to consider, too many web of possibilities that might happen that I cannot possibly foresee, and the future is just too uncertain. My plans could certainly fail.  Our target may just be fool’s gold. Our efforts could just go down the drain, or could even backfire at us. I could fail miserably hard. And because of this, I realize my need of wisdom.

And where should I start to get wisdom from? Not for me to preach, but I certainly know it only grows from a certain fear.

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”

(Proverbs 9:10)


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