Being An INTJ Christian

1. A Mastermind

We are the masterminds.

I have been consistently typed as an INTJ in the Myers-Briggs-Type-Indicator (MBTI).

Being an INTJ, there are not so many of us here in this world.

We are a rather very rare breed, and a rather proud, gifted, and special one on top of that.

We are smart (second only to INTPs according to a certain statistic).

We tend to have a higher financial income (fourth among the sixteen personality types, according to a certain statistic).

Without us knowing it, we have an aura of naturally attracting people, which makes us the second most sexually attractive MBTI according to a certain statistic (second to the charming ENFP).

We are especially adept at reverse engineering things, making it possible for us to learn almost any thing that we set our minds on.

We can see the possibilities of the future, break it down to smaller pieces, and make an actionable plan to make that future happen.

We are independent, “cool”, logical, natural leaders, strategic, and visionaries.

Because of this, we have attracted a lot of eyes to us. People find us fascinating. Amazing even. If you’d dig enough resources, you’d find out that there are a lot of articles and blogs about us in efforts of trying to understand the mystery that surrounds our being.

And among these interesting flattering things that I’ve found, a certain statistic that I’ve found also discovered that we are the least type that believes that there’s a higher power in this world — a God.

2. A Mastermind That Believes In A God

Taking into account that finding, I can see the reasoning behind it.

Being an INTJ, I am a highly cerebral person (as a friend of mine would word it). I use my mind a lot — I think a lot, and I ask questions a lot (mostly to my self), from stupid ignorant queries, to being unyielding to social norms and authority, to philosophical struggles, to wrestling with the realities and mysteries of existence. I believe everything should be up to question — rules, traditions, facts, philosophies, science, and even gods.

Truth is very important. Almost everything hinges on what is true. And if truth exists, then it should be objective since a subjective truth is no truth at all.

In relation to my belief in God, I can say that my faith as it is now is not grounded in tradition nor social influence as opposed to a lot of people. No. It is deeply rooted. I believe a god exists. And not just any god, but The God who made everything, who’s outside the domains of space and of time, but still who chooses to be personal with us human beings. And this God is an objective truth.

In my perspective, the question if there truly is a God or not is not a question of science. No. Rather, I think it’s a question of philosophy. Science only brings us too far, while philosophy always seems to ring true across all generations. And as a good friend of mine would put it, “The truth of God and the truth of science does not clash with each other. God made science for us human beings to understand things — things that only a higher power, God, is capable of making it possible.”

3. A Mastermind That Believes In Christ

Believing in God is easy. I think rationality alone could lead to that stand. But believing in Christianity is much more difficult. Don’t get me wrong, I believe the existence of Jesus Christ to be true. His existence and His works has been proven not only by the Bible, but by countless historical sources outside of it. Rather, to think that Christianity — that Jesus Christ is God, that He went down and lived a perfect sinless human life just to save and redeem us fallen unfaithful creatures, and that He loves me, a person who is the very opposite of His perfection, is true — This is a much harder thing to believe in.

With all of my questioning, studying, wrestling, and researching, there are a lot of things that I still haven’t figured out. Things like the Trinity of God, free-will, God’s love, the world, etc. And this is where the element of faith comes in. My mind can carry me only to a limited distance; Faith can carry me to an incomparably greater distance. I can only cling to faith as to why I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

And where does this faith come from? I certainly could not credit the little faith that I have to myself. Rather, faith is a gift (just like other gifts) that comes from God alone.

4. A “Mastermind” That Has His Faith In Christ

The question of whether Myers-Briggs-Type-Indicator is a reliable indicator of personality or it is not, I do not know. But instead of putting my identity on to the very flattering definitions of an INTJ, I’d rather have my identity as a son of God, an elected co-heir of Christ.

And why I follow Christ, it is only because of this small faith that I had been given.

As it was written,

“God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God.”
(Ephesians 2:8)

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