A Switchfoot Concert

As my sister and I was standing on the grounds waiting for the concert to start, we began to feel the ache in our knees and our soles. We’ve been standing for 1 hour, waiting in line, and finally here we are, willing to stand for another 4 hours for the duration of the Switchfoot concert.


Then finally.







The people screamed. Switchfoot stepped up to the stage. They started by playing a song that was dedicated for us Filipinos, “Float“. The people were screaming, jumping, and singing along, and a lot had their cellphones lifted up to record the rare scene.


Switchfoot played a lot of their famous songs, from “Only Hope“, where Jon Foreman did a funny speech about Mandy Moore getting all the credit from a song she did not write. To “Dare You To Move” where almost everyone banged their heads in the air in sync with the beat. There was also a part where Jon requested all the stagelights to be switched off as we sang along with the band. All you could see are the lights coming out from our phone cameras. It almost looks like we were a sea of stars in an ocean of darkness. It was a beautiful experience and sight to behold.


As I was standing there, looking up at the band, feet aching, sweat dripping, a question dawned on me. Why am I here?


There is probably no other band whose lyrical work hits it home like Switchfoot does. It feels like they’re a band with a purpose. A band with a message for the world to hear.


To quote Jon, they want to be “a band that gives hope.”




Hope amidst our broken humanity. Hope from the regrets of our past. Hope from the scandals of our brothers and fathers. Hope from this imperfect world. Always reaching out, always seeking, always struggling.


A lot of their songs tackle the tough questions of life. Of death. Of the problem with pain. And the promise of hope. And Foreman does this in a poetic and musical way, borrowing words and ideas from classic philosophers, theologians, honest introspection, literature, and timeless truths. It almost feels like he’s willing to face the darkness of our humanity for us, a darkness that so few of us are willing to face and even accept. And from this darkness, to light; Towards Hope. Because according to them, “The wound is where the light shines through.”


Switchfoot ended the adrenaline-filled concert with a song called “Where I Belong“, waving a big white banner with big words written on it: “Still looking for a home in a world where I belong.



Do yourself a favor. Check out this underrated band’s work. Search through their lyrics and ponder on its meaning. Attend their next concert. And probably just like me, you’ll love them too.


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