All That I Have Found

I was looking for meaning behind sadness
Instead I found unread books of boldness
I was looking for warmth and gladness
Instead I found that I’m healed from blindness

I was looking for love round and round
Instead I found the original love chasing me
I was looking to sing just like the stars have
Instead I found the Sun crashing on me

I was looking for loyalty that can’t be bought
Instead I found a Master who bought me
I was looking for hearty mindfulness
Instead I found an inseparable kindness

I was looking for truth amidst the darkness
Instead I found a lofty binary system
I was looking for a figure of hopeful justice
Instead I found inside a new heart of justness

I was looking to wear away all imperfections
Instead I found all my shame taken away
I was looking to win with my skills of reason
Instead I found myself won by salvation

I was looking for a cause to live for
Instead I found a news to live and die for
I was looking to break an old, tyrant army
Instead I found an arrogant religion broken

I was looking for widespread acclaim
Instead I found myself claimed by a King
I was looking for ventures beyond unseen
Instead I found a richer kingdom to be seen

I was looking for a place that I can call home
Instead I found gates that sing to my bones
I was looking for tied familial feelings
Instead I found myself co-heirs of a throne

I was looking for ghosts to chase hard for
Instead I found new eyes to be waited for
I was looking for all madness to be bound
Instead I found I was given all that I have found

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