Why Am I A Christian?

“Why am I a Christian?”

Have you ever asked yourself that kind of question?

It may feel like a terrifying question to give some thought to, forgive me if that may be, but though I just became a Christian some five years ago, I had wrestled with that question a couple of times.

Why do I choose to be a Christian when there are alternatives?
For example, I can be a spiritually apathetic individual who is content with the pleasures and the promises of this world.
Or, I can be a hypocrite, religious person who blindly follows laws, ethics, and leaders just to look “good.”
Or I can also be a person who just “goes with the flow” for me to be “in.”
I can also believe in a “God”, but not in Christ.
I can also be a naturalist, a transcendentalist, a humanist, an agnostic, or an atheist.

But why Christ?

Because deep down, if I have to be really honest (and I think we all should), I see a weak, trepid, and faulty creature that is incapable of understanding the Universe that he’s in.
And if I dig down ever more, I see a rebellious, dumb, and prideful species with histories of abominable atrocities and countless power plays in a fallen world that’s become so frail and so imperfect.

A hopeless world of struggling arrogant creatures.

But if you add Christ to the picture, the scene becomes increasingly different.

From despair, I see hope.
From a weak and faulty creature, I cling to a Saviour.
From my perfect inability, I cling to the complete work of Christ.
From living in a faulty world of injustice, I begin to hope for perfection in heaven.
From living with the idea of loneliness and nothingness, I cling to the promise of purpose and infinite joy from the uncreated Creator.

A fatally flawed creature and rebellious creation like me could only look up in jaw-dropped admiration to the perfection and immense beauty of the Character that is freely offered to us; a sharp quality that I could never achieve.
An undeserving and fickle creation like me could only yearn for the intensity of the genuine great love that Love demonstrated; an amazing feat that I could never achieve.

Does it sound like a delusion? Probably. A delusion where hundreds of brave heroes have willingly given up their lives just in order for the delusion to make through history and reach our generation.

But, considering that its a delusion, what better alternative is there? The promises of Christ far outweighs the costs of following Him that it almost sounds like a cheat: An unfair deal that is clearly to our eternal advantage.

So why am I a Christian? Because I’m looking for hope, meaning, purpose, and a grand love; elusive intangible things that I find only in Jesus.
But if I dig down even more to that same question, I think the most true and most real answer comes down to: Because the grace of God allows me to.

And the grace of God, which is overtly available to every single one of us, is more than enough reason for a fatally flawed creature like me to hope that there’s something truer and much better and much grander than the weaker temporal things that we currently have.

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