An INTJ’s weekly strategy

I am sharing my INTJ-ness to the world by sharing one of my weekly evaluation template that I have developed and have been using.

I am fond of evaluating my life, strategizing around it, setting systematic weekly and daily goals, rinse and repeat. Of the 7-day week, I take a day off to contemplate, journal, plan, and strategize. I guess this is an INTJ personality thing. I do this mainly because this helps me to see my life from a bird’s eye view, see where I am currently headed,  and see what things I need to do for me to achieve long-distance goals. This also helps me to internalize things better, help commit events to my memory, and in general make me feel more responsible of my life.

You are free to use this Weekly Evaluation Template (W.E.T.) for free and for your benefit, except that it remain to be free. If you do decide to use it, I would greatly appreciate it for you to share to me any results and feedback in using it.

Why am I doing this, you ask? I guess you could say this to be one of my nonsense experiments



Weekly Evaluation Template (W.E.T.)

  1. PAST
    1. GOALS:
      1. What were my goals for the week? (Write and list them down.)
      2. Did I hit my goals for the week? (If yes, elaborate and evaluate. Then, feel good! If no, evaluate and learn from it.)
      3. Am I getting closer to my long-term vision?
    2. HABITS:
      1. Did I read for atleast 1hr this week? (What is the title and who is the author of the book(s)? How is the book? Review and evaluate.)
      2. Have I exercised this week? (If so, how many hours in total have I exercised?)
      3. Have I read the Bible every single day of the week?
      1. What new thing(s) have I learned this week?
      2. What are the things/skills that I still need to develop, for me to move forward faster?
      1. What accomplishments have I made?
      2. What setbacks have I experienced? (How did I handle it? Could I have handled it better?)
    1. What goals should I focus for the coming week? (Are the goals SMART? Are the goals in-line with my core principles? Are the goals pointing to my long-term vision?)




What do you think? Do you think W.E.T. can help you in any way? In the case that you’ve been using it, how has it been? Let me know under the comments section below!

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