A Game Developer’s Confession: On Cheating

Busting a Myth

“Its better to cheat than to repeat.” -Anonymous

This is a famous quote told from many of my schoolmates in my university.

I grade that A for effort!

But I believe that to be a complete nonsense.

It is time for me to convince you to avoid cheating AT ALL COSTS.

It is time to bust a myth!

Ghost busting! Not really. Just some culture busting!

Empty Papers and a Broken Heart

In college exams, I would submit near-empty papers on exams.

The reason? I haven’t studied well.

Another reason? I refuse to cheat.

Even if 99% of my classmates are cheating, I still refuse to cheat. Even if there is no teacher or proctor around in the room, I still refuse to cheat on quizzes and exams. The temptation is undeniably there especially when your classmates and friends are blatantly passing their notes and papers and the professor is nowhere to be found, but I still refuse to cheat. Some may call it foolishness. Some may call it pride. But I call it character development.

Don’t get me wrong, my heart gets undeniably broken in the process…

With submitting my empty exam papers, comes my broken soul!

But from pain, I learn fast and hard. And from the things that I learn, I will share to you.

Of why cheating will kill me, my dreams, and probably the people that I love.

Why Cheating Kills Me

1. The more I cheat, The LESS I’ll learn

Saying that I love to learn would be a lie, because I am addicted to it.
I think that the greatest blessing and ability that any person can have is the ability to learn. Speaking from experience, it can do miraculous things. From a tone-deaf person to an ear-playing musician, the thought alone is still amazing to me. I have also seen it do wonders too. From people without arms being able to play the piano more skillfully than I can, to a limbless person who is able to swim obviously better than me.

I think learning is the greatest ability that we need in order for us, as a society and as a specie, to truly achieve our inmost dreams and goals.

The less a person learns, the less likely he/she is to succeed. That is what my mind holds, and it has proven me well up to this time.

I do not see school as the training ground to learn the important things and skills: I see it more as a training ground to develop one’s self.

2. The more a person cheats in school, the MORE chances that he’s going to cheat on professional things too.

Whether be it in business, in a job, friendship, romantic relationships, or anything. Basing on the principle of tolerance, the more we do a certain thing, the more we feel comfortable doing it.

Did you remember the first time you were trying to ride public transportation (jeepney) for the first time? It will be terrifying for the first time, but once you get the hang of it, it will be no more of a trouble to you. The same concept applies to almost everything. The more a person cheats in school, the more comfortable he becomes doing it, even as a professional.

And did you know? This country, Philippines, is said to be run by a majority, if not all, of professional cheaters (kurakot). Cheaters are said to be the root of corruption.

If we have cheating students, then are we not bound to have cheating professionals? Do you still wonder why this country is corrupted?

Cheaters are the least thing that this infant of a country needs.

3. The more I cheat, the LESS my character’s value will be

I hear some people say that talent is rare and that I am blessed to have been entrusted with it by the Creator. But I honestly think that character is more valuable and rare than talent. And I think that character can be trained and developed in many ways, whether it be to an easy, corrupted path, or to a challenging, but worthy path of integrity.

Cheating is a choice. Its your call whether you want to achieve your true potential, or cheat it.

Our character is built from the easiest and trivial decisions that we make, to the hard and big ones.

Conclusions from a Developer:

Nothing much, just touching some codes.

As a developer, I love to develop games, ideas, software, and some nerdy things.

But the one thing that I’ve been ultimately developing is my character.

Trying to have a good character is probably one of the least of the good things that I can contribute to this world and its history. And so can you!

So…have I convinced you enough to try to not to cheat? To avoid it at all costs? Let me know what you think on the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “A Game Developer’s Confession: On Cheating

  1. what if i cheat at school just so i won’t fail the test? BUT after taking the test, i still make it a point to learn the things I missed. in this scenario, i may have cheated but the learning was not compromised. i cheated for the sake of passing the subject. after all, personally, i don’t think our grades could actually measure our intellectual capacity or the level of learning.

    i don’t really have a question. but what can you say to this?

    anyways, i just wanna mess with you hahaha imy :))


    1. I also believe that school grades could not measure a person’s intellectual capacity or his ability to learn. Given your scenario, if I were that person, I really do not have a strong incentive to study the test after failing it. It would be better for me to just move one and study the next incoming tests than for me to study a previously failed test. And if I only study after a test, what would be my motivation for doing it? Learning? Isn’t it better to study before a test? In that way, I would be hitting two birds with one stone: learning and having better grades. It gives me no excuses too, giving me more room for improvement and more room for me to actually test my capacity to study academic things. I agree that academic things could not equal true intelligence, but nonetheless. School is not a measure of intelligence, but can be a good measure of one’s persona and his/her character. Every action we make grows into habits and ultimately becomes ingrained into our subconscious mind, which is a great factor of our character.

      Hahaha. I miss you too Myles!


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