WEEK #7: A Prelude to Strategy

What is strategy?

There exists alot of saying about it, how people glorify it, how some people ignore it, and even how some people blindly follow it.
But what is strategy really?

INTJ – The Master Strategist

I belong to the race of one of the most rare, if not the rarest, personality type — INTJ. We apparently form just two percent of the world’s population, making it a very lonely race of people. This is both a blessing and a curse to me: A blessing because I have been bestowed by the Almighty “rare” gifts and a vastly wide potential, and a curse because of the very unconventional nature and needs of my natural personality.

To be direct to my point in here, I am a natural strategist. I discovered I mostly think in terms of chunks of moves. I have been also capable of strategic foresight (but still nowhere as great) and I have an above-average capability to put myself in the shoes of someone. This mostly allows me to look at a certain topic from atleast more than 3 perspectives.

5 steps ahead
Not accurately true, but not accurately false either.

Not to glorify myself (all glory be to God), but I hope you get my point.
I am here to make a point.


I see strategy both as an art, and a science.
Strategy is not a step, but a process to achieve an end-result.

Also, strategy is completely different from tactics. I find that these two words are often interchanged and misunderstood, but these two things are absolutely completely different.

A tactic is a chunk of move. A method.
A strategy is a chunk of tactics. It is much grander.

I have been reading strategy books to hone and develop my conscious understanding about it. Starting next week, I will be sharing my personal book reviews of books about strategy.

I will be starting with the famous  The Art of War by Sun Tzu, so keep posted next Wednesday. 🙂

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