WEEK # 6: Revamping Imaginarius

I admit I had been lagging to blog. The past weeks were close to merciless.

I, together with 4 personal friends, took Imaginarius to another level. We decided to work on it to submit it for Intel’s 2015 Level Up Contest

What made me to decide to take Imaginarius to another level? First, the first version of the game was buggy. I was discontent of the results due to the time constraints. Second, I was curious to the potential of the core mechanic of the game. I feel that I could experiment on it more. Third, I was itching to join contests/events that will test my self.

To take the game to another level, we had to re-develop the game from scratch. From Flash, we developed the game using Unity3D. Good thing our programmer was testing the waters of Unity3D beforehand. We also had to redirect the art direction and re-design the levels.

Here are some graphics and a video to show our progress.

Imaginarius (original)

1  2b

Imaginarius (revamped):
1-1    hehe

And a very early sneak-peek preview video: Demo Preview #1

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